Making marketing budgets
work harder

Fig was our baby from the start. We’d designed the logo and brand identity, the premises, business cards, price lists, and menus, and were working closely with the client to re-brand a second salon, when we were asked to design an advertisement to encourage sales and counteract business lost during the refurbishment.

With a budget of £600, Fig were planning to run a one-off quarter-page advert in a local newspaper, offering a substantial discount on hair appointments.

Local press advertising can be very effective, but without substantial investment allowing for several placements, we were concerned that response would be low. Based on typical response rates and the paper’s circulation figures we calculated that Fig were unlikely to drive the sales they needed and might even not recoup their investment.

We felt the budget could work harder, and that it could be maximised in two ways - by using the man-power Fig had at its disposal whilst the stylists weren’t working during the refurbishment, and by employing a more targeted approach.

We designed a leaflet, promoting the discount, and took a 2 pronged approach to target new customers - salon staff handed out 750 leaflets to affluent commuters outside the local station, and posted 250 through the letterboxes of houses within a few streets of the premises.

To allow us to evaluate the success of the promotion

every customer had to show/quote the leaflet in order to receive the discount.

The results

Within 1 week of distribution Fig received 55 new enquiries, which were converted to directly attributable sales of over £1400. We charged only £300 for the design and print of the leaflet, so as well as saving the client half their marketing budget, we’d achieved a Return on Investment of 1:4.7. In addition, staff surprised themselves by enjoying the interaction with new customers, which improved their confidence, and helped them feel integral to the success of the new salon.